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Nights Progress in Strange Ways

It’s late, late last Friday night, and I’m looking at myself in the mirror as I hammer away, banging a hot blonde I’d never met before, from behind, in a hotel bathroom in Canada. Not even 30 minutes before this, I was setting up an air mattress and was content with the fact that I wouldn’t be getting any that night.

So how did I get here?

Thanks to my friend knowing a girl who has a lot of girlfriends, I was invited to a birthday outing north of the border. I was fighting off a cold still, but these opportunities don’t just present themselves these days – I knew I had to go and give myself a chance. We were staying at a hotel with two rooms already paid for, and no set sleeping arrangements for anyone.

Logistics were golden.

In truth, had the bang at the end not happened, I doubt I’d be looking back at this night as fondly as I have been over the days since it happened.

And it certainly looked like any bangs were out of the question.

My excuse for not drinking that much that night was my cold. I sipped on some Berry Vodka on ice for most of the pregame while I analyzed all of the options I had. I chatted up a cute little brunette girl with a bubble-butt that I’d identified as my first choice. She sat down next to me during pregame in one of the the hotel rooms and we talked about majors and school. Nothing special, just the usual. But I’ve developed a sense for when a girl is interested enough, and it seemed like she was.

Unfortunately, the part where I have to tell you about some poor game begins. One of the other guys who was there was flirting with her nonstop. Before I got there, while I was there, and also when we got to the club. Essentially everywhere. I said fuck it, we’re all ending up back at the same place, I’ll just go find girls to dance with, have some fun, and in the meantime, hopefully this guy will recognize her uneasy vibes and leave her to the guy she really wants: me.

Time goes by at the club and this guy hasn’t let up. 20 minutes before close the group reconvenes and I dance with a few of the girls. When brunette girl realizes it’s me, she gets into it, with a smirk on her face and starts to dance a little better. I did well but made sure it wasn’t a marathon, in an effort to want her leaving more. Later I see the guy who’d been trying to get with her all night get rejected when he went for the kiss.

No surprise there.

On the way back, though, things changed. Hotel staff warned us all we were being loud as fuck, and threatened to charge each room $400 if we didn’t a.) be quiet immediately and b.) clear the extra guests. It was then that I lost choice number one – couldn’t risk going out and getting charged $400, I thought. Plus, she had gone out somewhere and wasn’t in the next room. In a rookie move, I decided that I erred by not being as extroverted throughout the entire process as I should have been.

It was 4 AM when out of nowhere, things took a ridiculously unexpected turn.

My friend showed up at the door with one of the tall blonde girls that I barely paid attention to at the club and who totally ignored me during the pregame. She was drunk, with a Bud Light in her hand and apparently wanted to jump on me in the air mattress. It took me a solid two or three minutes to even process what was going on, but eventually we laid down there and kissed.

We couldn’t have sex then and there because there were other people in the room that were not yet asleep but trying to be. Blondie insisted on going over to the room for a bit, trying to wake her other friends up (god knows why) but not before making out on the wall and grabbing my dick. When we got there, it was basically one dude trying to get some last call booty by touching her ass slowly. She then subtly moved away from him and put her arm around me.

Yeah, that felt good.

I then finished the rest of her beer and we headed back to our original room, where logic lead me right to the bathroom. She told me, “I hope you have a big cock.” I’m not huge, but I’m slightly above average. When I did get it out, she told me to shut up because it was so big. I’m sure she’s seen bigger. I fucked her in a variety of positions. She kept looking at me in the mirror in a way that kept me hard by itself. She had lots of piercings and tattoos, too. It was a good bang. We went to sleep together.

When we woke up, I exuded confidence on an entirely new level. She mostly ignored me in the morning and breakfast that followed, only commenting that it was really cold in the room we slept in. I have a good sense of humor – not great like some, but good enough to where I had a lot of the group laughing that next morning. I feel like I left a good impression and that I probably haven’t seen the last of that group.

Definitely still interested in brunette girl for the future. It’ll come down to whether or not she knows how the rest of my night went. And even then, not sure what she’d think of it. Respect up, respect down, indifference, could be anything.

Once I really had a chance to sit down and think about the events that unfolded, it became clear to me that certain girls expect to get laid on nights like this. Big birthday celebration – her friends are all out. She’s an attractive girl – she wants to get laid. I think it helped that two of them brought guys back to the hotel (even though they had them leave without getting anything because of the hotel staff). My friend told me that while he was in the room, Blondie had told him that she wanted his friend, me. I had initially thought this wasn’t the case and that her drunkenness had just led her to the right spot at the right time. But she was well aware of what she was doing and wanted to get fucked by me. Even better.

I just find it fascinating that during the pregame the two of us totally ignored each other. I wonder at what point she decided that she wanted me, because we barely paid any attention to each other and I never caught her looking at me.

Nights progress in strange ways, especially when alcohol is involved. You never know which turn a night is going to take, and when logistics are this good, you can never count yourself out. I had joked with my friend about having a “Anything less than a one-night stand is failure” mentality. I wasn’t entirely expecting it but I knew there’d be a chance. I never thought it would happen the way it did.

That experience was invaluable.

If logistics are there, stick with it. See what you can do. I definitely got lucky, and I’m hoping she wanted me because of the way I carried myself and my vibe throughout the night, and not some random drunk thought, but who knows. In the end, the result is the same. And regardless of how much game you use, when you get a bang, your confidence goes up.

Combine that with the fact that I’ve been getting with another girl over the past few weeks and what results is a confidence machine. I’ve had some rough times easing myself into the game, but all those workouts at the gym, hours reading Return of Kings, and outings spent shaping my personality have started to pay off.

I want to ride my first true hot streak out as long as I can.