A Statistical Shift

I’m back.

All too often, “game blogs” are a few posts of past experiences which haven’t been updated in weeks. Or in my case, that’d be several months. Put simply, this blog fits the stereotype completely. This gets to the point I must immediately make: I no longer want this to be just another game blog (JAGB).

I consider my writing to be one of my stronger points. It’s unfortunately a strong point that I don’t get to take advantage of too often with my college major and career path, which are rooted more in mathematics and science. So, I figured why not combine some statistics with regularly scheduled seduction and move this space of ideas in a new and different direction.

Obviously, very few people read this blog now. While I’d like to increase the amount of viewers, I will not spam d other red pill/”manosphere” blogs in order to do so. It’s more of an open forum and a place for me to get my thoughts down, while also keeping the door open somewhat, sharing posts with select people who are interested. Of course, I will link all of my latest posts to my Twitter as well.

I’ll be sharing more soon,



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